Bioshock 2 - 2010

Developed by 2K Marin - Released by 2K Games

I joined 2K Marin as Audio Lead during the company's formation in February of 2008. 
After assembling the audio department from scratch, I was the driving force behind the design and implementation of all the audio for BioShock 2. I also worked closely with our composer Garry Schyman who developed an amazing score for the game.

I did all the sound design, music editing, and mixing. My favorite subtle bit is right at the beginning as the player's Big Daddy footsteps transition between the BD footsteps used in the 1st game to the more detailed footsteps I created for BioShock 2. Once the gameplay begins, you'll get a taste of the kind of detailed environmental effects and stylistic event cues that were the driving design pillars on the project. One of my favorite examples of this is the little patter of water on the player's helmet every time they step under a water drip.

I sound designed and mixed this launch trailer for Bioshock 2. I also selected and edited all of the vo and music from file that were used in the game.