Audio Production

I map out the needs of the project, both creatively and logistically, and work to make sure there is an appropriate balance been those two equally important sides. I create a budget, schedule, and staffing plan that allows for the highest creative output within the practical boundaries of the project.

I interface with the other departments to understand the scope of the work and the audio requirements for the project. I work with the audio team to develop a realistic set of dates and deliverables. I create clear and informative spreadsheets, documents, and presentations to keep the schedules, deliverables, and goals visible and understandable to all parties.

I constantly track the various aspects of the production to prevent any pitfalls or landmines and work with all the teams involved to tackle unforeseen obstacles as they pop up in development.

I provide feedback and guidance at various milestones to make sure that the quality levels of the project are meeting or exceeding standards and expectations.

Project Audio Direction

I identify and articulate the creative goals for the project, such as unique sound design needs, special vocal processing, and appropriate musical direction. I then determine the best way to accomplish those goals given the time and resources available.

I analyze the tech challenges for the project and troubleshoot with the engineering departments to develop creative, effective, and efficient tools and solutions.

I interface with project leadership and the other department heads so that all the various production and creative needs are accounted for and achieved.

I stay constantly up-to-date with my VO, sound effects, and music leads to ensure all aspects of the audio are being addressed properly and to help solve any issues that may arise.

I provide mentorship and leadership to members of my team, by working with them directly to develop their skills as individuals as well as members of a larger team.

Studio Audio Direction

I set the overall goals for the audio department, providing a creative and technical vision for the studio, as well as a roadmap for departmental hiring and advancement.

I identify equipment needs and work within studio budgets to make sure the audio team has what it needs to work at their highest potential.

I research and identify appropriate procedures and advancements in order to keep pace with the industry, as well as identify areas where my department could be industry leaders.

I work with studio leadership on achieving short and long term studio goals and introduce ways that audio and the audio department can better enhance the studio's culture and presence in the industry.

VO Direction

I study the script and interface with the writers to determine line count, number of characters, and get a sense of casting, recording, and editorial needs. I collaborate with the director and producers on voice casting and develop short lists based on actor appropriateness.

I develop a studio booking plan to create the most efficient recording schedule possible given budgets and actor availability. I make sure the recording studio knows all of our established session preferences and delivery specs.

I direct the talent along with the project director or using their guidelines for line deliveries. I generate editorial guidelines and coordinate staff editorial schedules.

I work with the localization team on delivery schedules and requirements, making sure that casting, recording, editorial, and delivery of localization assets all happen on schedule and within budget.

For interactive projects, I create the database and integration plan for thousands of assets so that upon delivery, all the VO lines are triggering correctly in the game. I stay up-to-date with the cinematics team to make sure assets are being delivered to them in timely manner.

Music Supervision

I meet with the creative leadership to develop the appropriate musical style and mood for the project. I research similar compositions and create a temp score using music from previously produced projects.

I work with the composer to craft the score, using the temp tracks as a template. I edit the work-in-progress score into the project to ensure it is meeting the predetermined goals. I provide feedback to the composer to adjust pieces as necessary.

I research and propose any appropriate licensed tracks. I create numerous temp edits of the licensed music, offering different suggestions for how they might be used in the project.

For interactive projects, I research and develop solutions for how to best present the score in a non-linear, user-paced environment. I direct the composer to write and deliver the score so that it works within the interactive solution.